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Following a Commission proposal, the Council of Ministers, sitting on the 24th March, 2014 confirmed Belize, Cambodia and Guinea-Conakry as non-cooperating countries with regard to controlling illegal fishing by vessels carrying their flags and established a ban on imports into the EU of any fisheries products from these countries or caught by vessels flagged by them. EU vessels will not be allowed to fish in these countries' waters. The measure will come into effect from the date of publication in the Official Journal. These are the first countries to suffer trade sanctions under the EUs IUU regulation 1005/2008 establishing a Community system to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, although several others are subject to a "yellow card", including Ghana, Korea and Curação. Any decision to remove a country from the list shall take into consideration whether Belize, Cambodia or Guinea has taken concrete measures capable of achieving a lasting improvement of the situation. European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries made a statement welcoming the "historic" decision.

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FishFiles is a suite of fisheries information services brought to you by MegaPesca, specialist consultants in European fisheries and food issues.

Every month the EU publishes an average of 50 new documents on the Common Fisheries Policy, and on fish trade and hygiene. MegaPesca FishFiles provides you with focused summaries prepared by our in-house experts, as well as direct access to the original documents. FishFiles keeps you up-to-date and saves you hours of searching the Official Journal for what you need.

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Throughout 2013 and 2014 MegaPesca will be asked to provide experts by COLEACP for the EDES project implementation Unit in the EDES Programme beneficiary countries. This will include Development and implementation of training courses and training tools; Implementation of Memoranda of Agreement; Strengthening the capacity of laboratories; Developing the capacities of the professional organisations, small-scale producer support associations and/or organisations and consumers associations; Providing National Facilitators and Official Control Experts.
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