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Established in 1994, Megapesca aims to inform and inspire our clients to enable the global food industry to develop and strengthen from the grass roots upwards. We recognise that agricultural and fisheries are people businesses at the heart of human development, and our approach aims to helping real people in real communities to build sustainable, fair and economically viable production and distribution systems. To this end Megapesca has been providing technical and professional services in the field of fisheries and food safety, with a special interest in international trade and development, with successful delivery of hundreds of contracts with a wide range of institutional and private sector clients. 

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The Company has acquired significant knowledge of the application of SPS and TBT measures in international trade, in relation to general foods as well as specifically fish products. We have supported numerous countries to develop and meet regulatory standards to allow the export of food and fishery products to the international market. In several countries, we have been instrumental in establishing food safety authorities (in terms of legal and institutional strategy and capacity building). We have also served private sector clients, especially in terms of troubleshooting rejected consignments, both on the spot and in subsequent legal actions.  Our skill set extends across the project life cycle, including identification, formulation, implementation and ex-ante/ex-post evaluations.


The Company has an extensive global network of reliable and experienced associate consultants, and a vast technical library of published and unpublished studies and reports on which it can draw. We pride ourselves on our strong partnerships with UN Development agencies, including FAO, UNIDO and research institutions (such as Worldfish/CGIAR, University of Lisbon and the Wageningen University) and regularly participate in academic research in food and fisheries areas. 

The Megapesca approach

By empowering people from all corners of the globe, Megapesca aims to provide beacons of knowledge to illuminate the path to safe, sustainable and equitable systems for production and distribution of food. Here, Ian Goulding, Megapesca MD, presents a series of lectures giving a unique insight into important features of fisheries and development at the UN University, Fisheries Training Programme held at Matís HQ in Reykjavík, Iceland.  (


Presentation 1: Money, jobs or food? Who needs fisheries and why.


Presentation 2: Origin of the species: where does your lunch come from?


Presentation 3: The African smoked fish business ready for industrialization?
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